I am a PhD student in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence at Arizona State University (ASU). My primary advisor is Dr. Yan Shoshitaishvili. I currently work in SEFCOM at ASU with a group of amazing cybersecurity researchers. My research focuses on system security, especially on automated program analysis and vulnerability discovery. You can find my full publication record at Google Scholar.

I am a core member of the Shellphish hacking group, under the handle "kylebot". I am crazy about CTF. I do PWN, Reversing and sometimes a little bit of Crypto. I haved participated DEF CON CTF every year since I joined the team in 2018.

I am active in the open-source community: I am a core developer of the binary analysis platform angr, lead the development of the automatic exploitation generation framework rex, maintain the popular educational heap exploitation project how2heap, and more.

Every year, I organize iCTF, one of the largest attack-defense hacking competition in the world.